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Grow With Us.™

An ideal System for cultivating a full cycle plant.

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4 Wave Mix Wavelinks™ 200 with 5th wave FREE special.

4 wave mix wavelinks™ 200 QC Wavelinks 200 install Standing 4 wave mix 200 LED Side Wavelinks Sticker Side 200 Your system:

WaveLinks 200 With Bonus Flowering Lamp Is the perfect starter system for applications ranging from Seed Starting to Enrichment of any light challenged room. The System comes complete with the versatility you want for all applications.

Your System comes packaged with 4 installed lamps, measuring 22.5 inches each mounted in a white reflective steel frame affixed with magnets, each fixture has angles built in, for optimum mixing of the wave lengths, producing the full spectrum of frequencies used by plant systems.

The frequency bands shipped are as follows; 1 red, 1 blue and  2 whites. In addition your flowering lamp is magnetically affixed to the same platform, ready for use when plants reach that stage, just plug in and go.

This fixture can be equipped with adjustable height device to allow for adjusting the fixture above rapidly growing plants to maintain a distance of between 18” & 24 “. You should equip this fixture with a timer, so that you can regulate the seedlings exposure to approximately 6 to 7 hours per day. Leaf surface area dictate potential absorption rates, as leaf surfaces grow, exposure time can increase. Because these systems are outputting pure frequencies of mixed light the variables in nature are different. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Biology are often counter intuitive. Exposing your plants to more than 8 hours of daily use is not recommended unless and until you have characterized your species by carefully observing them.

Your system Ideal for

An ideal System for Top down lighting of Indoor Trees or long life Plant arrangements with some available height from ceiling to plants. Supplemental light for over wintering indoors. This is an ideal Array for taking Fall Season Plants indoors to keep them producing. This just might enable you to maintain your proudest achievements throughout the dull winter seasons.

Folks who have grown Tomatoes or a range of other Crops in Grow Boxes, might begin planning to repurpose some indoor space, to jump start this years growing season. Most Plants will adapt well if they began as seedlings under a Quantum Crops system.

Watch our facebook page for grower input

We intend to feature the experiences of Quantum Gardners as they adapt from the old way to the new.

Your 4 wave mix wavelinks™ 200 power supply

The 4 Wave Mix Wavelinks™ 200  power supply is a robust 60 watts operating at 24Volts. Your Power Supply can drive 2 fully equipped WaveLinks 200’s, so expanding your system is as easy as ordering a 2nd unit without another power adapter. Each frame with 5 lamps installed weighs only 5 lbs. The Frames and lamps can be hung top down, or vertically to direct light through a longer light path.

If you want a wider coverage area but are not looking to complete the plant indoors we recommend using reflectors to scatter light within your indoor grow room.

A Flux Martix Array 200 equipped as recommended for a 4 Wave Mix would use the equivalent of approximately 25 watts adding your flowering lamp will increase Watts used to approximately 33 watts of total energy.

Nothing else even comes close for producing the desired  spectrum at this low of energy useage.

This versatile system is mountable as a top down fixture. This fixture is an ideal replacement for any fluorescent lamp system as the Wavelength potential of this light array provides excellent spectrum for

The array produces a wonderful aesthetic to any room. Its compact 24” length is easily adaptable to limited space available in Apartments or homes with uneven solar light.

Our Slogan “Grow With Us” points to Advancements in horticulture which will be made from the use of our platforms, rewriting the book on the hows whys and whats for growing plants indoors under the terms of Epigenetics and Quantum Biology.